Thursday, December 18, 2014

Sleepy Soul


Willow and Clay maxi // SHOP SIMILAR
Kate Spade Saturday purse // SHOP SIMILAR
Koolaburra boots // SHOP HERE

You know, just the normal everyday stroll through the neighborhood's graveyard. During the daytime I find graveyards quite beautiful and peaceful.  A place of rest and quiet resonance. I've never though of visiting graveyards as something disrespectful, but actually quite liberating. It's quite a powerful place if you really think about it, even if you don't have a loved one there to actually visit. Sometimes it can be the best place to go and reflect on one's own life; putting things into perspective and realizing that it does not make sense to ever take things for granted. The people in your life, the tangible things you have in front of you, the places you have been. The list goes on and on and it all should be savored in the present moment as fully as possible. A cemetery should never have be a scary place, as long as it reminds you to keep on truly living. And if it can serve as inspiration between an outfit post on this blog, then let it be that, too. 

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Wednesday, December 17, 2014



Stylestalker top // SHOP SIMILAR
Citizens of Humanity jeans // SHOP SIMILAR
10 Crosby by Derek Lam coat // SHOP HERE
Worth and Worth "Dylana" hat

This is probably one of my favorite outfits of fall!! How am I just posting it right now? This top is the epitome of bad-assery . . . tough girl meets sexy girl meets futuristic mama. And maybe even a little Edward Scissor Hands thrown in? The armpit cutout is just fab yeah? Haven't been more excited to show off my armpits until I got this top in my hands! We photographed these pictures in a hot minute in Williamsburg after a long day of meetings in the neighborhood. It's always wonderful to stay local on a work day and support my favorite Brooklyn designers and shops. Plus, it leaves me with the chance to catch the epic sunset from this side on the east. The view we get from Manhattan from over here beats everywhere else. 

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Baby, It's Cold Outside


Jocelyn fur circle scarf // SHOP HERE
H&M sweater // SHOP SIMILAR
AG skinny jeans // SHOP HERE
Cleobella bag // SHOP SIMILAR

The coldest days in New York City still aren't enough for me to not make the trek outside on the weekends and do some exploring. I think that I will forever be a tourist in this city, and especially so on the weekends. The streets are never empty, no matter how cold it is. There are still things to be seen and things to get done. It's wonderful seeing how strong the beat of NYC's heart is, no matter what the circumstances. UGG boots, North Face coats and all. It keeps me going. 

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Monday, December 15, 2014

Bring the Party


H&M sequined pants // SHOP HERE
Christian Benner vintage tee
Artisan de Luxe vest // SHOP SIMILAR
DKNY socks
DANNIJO stone cuff // SHOP HERE
Jenny Bird Artemis cuff // SHOP HERE

The best thing about this time of the year is dressing up for all the holiday parties you most likely will be attending on the weekly :) I'm pretty casual in general, but I still jump at the chance to get a little more frivolous when the opportunity presents itself. I found these sparkly sequined trousers at H&M one day, and I knew that this was going to be a staple piece for my holiday party hopping endeavors. A beat up vintage tee to balance out the sparkly, and some dip-dyed faux fur for that extra glam rock element that you can't ever dismiss in situations like this. I don't care if it's cold out. I'll bare it and wear the fish neck socks and make a run for the nearest taxi cab. And even more important than the faux fur? The accessories. Rich tones of stones around my neck and wrist just make things even more festive. And viola! I'm ready to party. Where's the prosecco at???

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Saturday, December 13, 2014

Army Green


Calypso St. Barth kimono
Free People tank // SHOP SIMILAR
Siwy jeans // SHOP HERE
Miista boots // SHOP SIMILAR
Joy Gryson bag // SHOP HERE
2 Bandits choker // SHOP SIMILAR

Tone on tone on tone. This time with army green. You know, just blending in with my environment. Currently in California right now, and most likely will be staying until a little past the new year. Here's to a warm and beautiful west coast holiday!