Sunday, April 19, 2015

Coachella with River Island


River Island jacket, top, shorts and purse
Vintage belt

What I love most about Coachella, and festival season in general, is all the more reasons for me to dress like myself! I'm a bohemian, rock and roll loving girl at heart. I grew up with The Rolling Stones, Led Zeppelin, The Doors and Jimi Hendrix playing on repeat in the house, thanks to my Dad's love for it all. I've always preferred fringe over pleats and denim over bows. Fringe moves with my dance moves. And denim keeps up with me until I can't dance no more. I can't get enough of the desert heat, getting lost in a crowd of bodies pulsating with anticipation for the next song. No matter how physically tired you feel, you can be sure to find a stage that will rejuvenate you for another hour or two. It never stops and you never want it to. This look by River Island embodies exactly the type of girl I want to be during festival season. Tough, sexy and attentive to gypsy-esque detail. Faux leather for the boyishness, denim shorts to feel sexy and intricate embroidery for a touch of bohemian love. All these elements together help create a wanderlust mindset. All you have left to do is let the music transport you to wherever you want to be in your. Music is the greatest complement to the imagination. 

Now scroll through some of my top Coachella-esque pieces from River Island:

Saturday, April 18, 2015

Music Festival Tips



So for all of you who haven't made it out to a music festival yet might have a whole lot of questions. Your mind is boggled. What to expect? What are musts to bring into festival to ensure ultimate survival? What can to do to avoid heat stroke. Is it possible to look cute while still being gross and sweaty from dancing in the sun all day? What shoes should you be wearing? Body jewels or flash tattoos or henna or everything? Hair up or hair down? No bra or bra? To bring snacks or to not bring snacks? So many questions, so little time. Usually, when it gets down to it, there really is no real way to prepare for a full weekend of music festival madness, because you can be sure to always run into the unexpected. You will definitely be thrown off your game, but this just ensures ultimate music festival radness. Here are some tips from me to you, from my own experience, of course. I'm no music festival pro, but with four Coachella festivals in a row under my belt now, I think I have learned a little something to say the least. And thanks to American Eagle Outfitters, my weekend was made even better. Hope my little tips help!


Get your group together BEFORE heading into the festival. It makes it far easier to make plans within the festival throughout the day, such as setting up meeting points after certain shows, etc. Especially since the service is so bad int he festival, it's best to have an idea of what everyone's plans and directions are before getting inside. And make sure everyone sticks to the plan! 

Drink a lot of water and pee before going into the festival. It'll keep you from getting too dehydrated early on, and the bathrooms aren't the greatest in the festival, so the less you have to use them the better.

Check the weather ahead of time while packing. It will always be hot during the day, but you never know once night hits. Layering pieces like a plaid shirt or a denim jacket will always be a must. These can also double as blankets for the grass if needed. 

Bring sunscreen with you. Apply before and during. A burn on the shoulders, nose, etc. is never fun. Carry around a little stick applicator of SPF. It's light and easy to use. 

I totally believe in swimsuits under your outfit during music festivals. You never know when it's going to get too hot, and you're gonna want to take some layers off. I love a bikini with an interesting neckline paired with shorts or mini skirt combination. When the heat is high, anything goes. Live and dress free! 

Bags! Cross body bags or backpacks are the best bet. You will want full use of both your arms while dancing to your favorite band! Don't let overpacking weigh you down either. Bring just the bare necessities . . . like lip balm, your ID and a phone recharger!

Listen to some of the bands on the lineup that you have never heard of before heading to the festival. You never know who else is out there that you will love! Music festivals are the best reason to discover some new, awesome music. 

When it comes to day drinking . . . PACE. YOURSELF. PEOPLE. You don't want to be passed out asleep on the grass in the middle of a huge crowd during the headlining act. Especially since it was that band you were waiting to see all day. Sip your drinks slow, enjoy the company, and keep the buzz going at a steady pace. I've been at festivals before and taken shots before noon. WORST IDEA EVER. It's never worth it in the end to get too crazy. Don't you want to remember your festival memories?

Everyone thinks that music festival dressing has to be over the top and bohemian to the max. You know I love anything boho (see crochet dress by American Eagle Outfitters featured here), but I also love some more toned down, minimal looks for festival season. If you want to keep it more simplistic for a music filled weekend, but still want to embody that free spirit feeling, then accessories are where it's all at. Chokers, layers of long and short necklaces, piled on bracelets and rings, a hat with a standout brim, a sick belt and sunnies combination. This way you can keep true to yourself, but still fit in with the vibe of the weekend that everyone loves. 

Here's to more music festivals to come!

Thursday, April 16, 2015

AZALEA #SuarezSisters | Part I

All looks styled with pieces from AZALEA

My sister Natalie and I are excited to share our collaboration with San Francisco-based online boutique AZALEA. This look book is one of two parts, and it's our interpretation of casual spring looks for girls on the go. This past month has been busy with travel for Nat and I. We visited Paris, Puerto Rico AND Los Angeles within a period of a month. We had just about a week in-between each city. Pretty crazy to think about all we have done in a short period of time. And all the outfits and packing that goes along with it all. We're just happy it's finally spring, and that our layers can be lighter, and in return, our suitcases can be much lighter, as well. Bold prints. Effortless layering pieces. Dynamic basics. A little bit more skin showing than normal. Everything easy to throw on but far from being snooze inducing. When Nat and I throw put together looks for our travels, these are exactly the things we look for. And AZALEA has everything we need to accomplish this girl on the go mentality. 

Check out the entire look book HERE on the AZALEA homepage. Part II of the look book comes out next month! 

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Desert Nomads


Leibeskind leather purse // SHOP HERE
Birkenstock sandals from American Eagle Outfitters

This Coachella we rolled with quite the crew of lovely ladies. Brunches, parties, pool side drinks, beer garden hangouts, the most epic performance by Jack White that will keep me drooling until my last day on Earth. The goodness list just goes on and on. I don't think that this Coachella weekend could have gotten any my fabulous. We had to make sure to pull over road side and run into the middle of nowhere for a true desert nomad impromptu photo shoot. Squinting in the sun and with definitely not enough SPF on our legs and arms, we felt young, wild and free. The heat on our sweat and dry air reminders of the free spiritedness we are meant to embody during this weekend. Not a care in the world. Just the desert sand, the heat, and the music. Oh yeah, and a beer or two or three. 

Sunday, April 12, 2015

Coachella Crochet


Keds x EOS sneakers
Chan Luu necklace

The first day of Coachella was absolutely sun-drenched and perfect. The morning before heading out to the parties and festival was spent lounging on the patio and by the pool, followed by some exploring around the palm tree lined streets around our hotel. These new Keds sneakers that are inspired by my favorite lip balm brand, EOS lip balm, kept me feeling bright all morning. My lips really can't go a day with EOS, and the awesome thing with these sneakers is that they come with a lip balm to match. For Coachella day one, I paired my Keds x EOS pair with some head-to-toe crochet in true music festival fashion and called it a day. We had a later start at the festival, but we made it just in time to catch Interpol, Steely Dan, Tame Impala and AC/DC. The highlight of the night was AC/DC, of course. These men will always have that rock and roll in their blood. I'm still starry-eyed from their performance. 

These limited edition EOS x Keds sneakers are sold exclusively at Shoe Carnival, so if you love them, make sure to get a pair soon!