Wednesday, April 1, 2015

San Juan // Condado


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Puerto Rico really was a dream. A city so vibrant in color and culture. Natalie and I spent the majority of our trip in San Juan, with our home base in Condado, where the nightlife and foodie culture is centered. A bit touristy, but it's where the locals hang out, too, and just a few blocks off the main street you'll find yourself in a peaceful reverie of gorgeous Spanish-style homes mixed in with the modern apartment buildings. Natalie and I had many hours spent with our cameras around our necks, zig zagging our way through the palm tree lined residential streets to capture moments through bougainvillea wrapped iron fences and past a larger-than-life growth of ferns. The weather was a comfortable sort of perfect, with a slight breeze so you never really sweated too much or too little. The rum is always endlessly flowing, and every hour is an hour in need of a sweet pick me up from the local food stands (pina colada anyone?). Every sight is framed with the blades of palms and bright blue skies, except for when it rains for an hour out of the day. But even when it rains, you don't mind getting drenched and just going on with your day with damp locks. The locals are friendly and always want to say hello or ask where you are from. The weekends are full of life, and every moment is spent at the beach or a music festival (it was jazz music this time!) or a market full of color from the produce of the island. You'll leave Puerto Rico with a brand new adoration of plantains that you never knew you had, and anything fried to perfection that gives the fried chicken you're used to back home a run for its money. The locals love to fry everything, and it will taste phenomenal. It feels like I ate more in my week in Puerto Rico than I have all year! And this was our impression just in our first hour in San Juan. Can I just say WOW?!? So much more to share from our travels :) 

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Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Off Bleeker Street


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Walking through the West Village is always such a dream. And it brings back memories from my very first trip to NYC with my mom and sister when I was around 15 years old. We paid a visit to Bleeker Street nearly once a day, so I feel like I know it well. For a slice of pizza, a bite of a Magnolia cupcake, a peek into a brownstone window that led into the supreme vision of our dream apartment, the juxtapositions of bright yellow crosswalk lights and refurbished red brick buildings that endlessly inspire. The West Village is so quintessential to my idea of NYC. As if it has existed forever, and will continue to do so exactly as it is. 

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Monday, March 30, 2015

Paris Day Four // Le Marais


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Some purely good moments from our last day in Paris. We spent our last few hours strolling Le Marais, the most central park of Paris. We stumbled upon the Les Colonnes De Buren in the inner courtyard of the Palais Royal, which we found out later was an art installation from 1985. I love that installation kind of plays a sort of mind game when you look too hard. And I appreciate its composition of new and old. Plus, it makes for a damn good photo opp. Not gonna lie. We didn't have much time left for photos this last day in Paris (we woke up happy but hungover), so finding this gem of a shooting location just a few minutes from our hotel was just perfect.