Friday, May 22, 2015

Sand Beneath My Feet


Anna Sui x O'Neill tank top // SHOP HERE
Paige white denim overalls // SHOP SIMILAR
Gentle Monster sunglasses

Was looking for a reason to bust out these white denim overalls that I've had for quite awhile again. Found the perfect moment near the pier in Santa Monica in California during my last trip back. The overalls are a tad tomboy, and so to keep from looking like a farmer on the beach, I thew on this little baby doll tank. My friends over at O'Neill did a collaboration with my favorite fashion icon Anna Sui, and it turned out impeccable. So retro 70's child. I think every outfit needs a touch of bohemia here and there no matter what. I miss the sand beneath my feet, but guess what! I'm off to somewhere tropical with some friends today! Want to guess where? Keep posted on our adventures on my Instagram HERE

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Thursday, May 21, 2015

Old San Juan | Part 2


The Fifth Label top and skirt from ShopMika
Gentle Monster sunglasses

More from our time spent expiring Old San Juan in Puerto Rico. Just about one of the best parts of our trip! Old San Juan is the oldest settlement in all of Puerto Rico, and still contains so much of the architecture of its original historical Spanish settlement in the 17th century. So much religious and cultural history was made on these cobblestone streets, it's quite mind blowing to think about. One of the most gorgeous buildings of them all was Hotel El Convento, a hotel in an old monastery that is right next to the San Juan Cathedral, one of the oldest cathedrals in the entire Western Hemisphere. You can just close your eyes and imagine what life was like back in the day. The collision of two new worlds. So many things shifting, for better and for worse, to create what it is today:  a melting pot of worldly cultures and views. So amazing to still see so much of the old San Juan conserved for us today. I miss those Old San Juan cobblestone streets beneath my feet! 

Also, enjoy this video I made of clips from our Puerto Rico trip using my GoPro HERO4, the best little gadget to capturing travel adventures! 

My last Puerto Rico post coming soon will give you all a list of some of the particular places we hit up during our trip, and especially places to eat! Watch out!

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

ace & jig in Dumbo


ace & jig top, sold exclusively at Barneys New York
Hudson denim shorts // SHOP HERE
Chinese Laundry sandals // SHOP SIMILAR HERE
Liebeskind leather tote // SHOP HERE
Jenny Bird moon cuff

I spent a day one weekend exploring Dumbo with friends, and specifically to see the Tom Fruin stained plexiglass house installation in the park along the water. It was a gorgeous overcast day that had no need for a jacket. Just some denim and this lightweight woven cotton top by ace & jig, an exclusive to Barneys New York. The brand has a bunch of gorgeous pieces available online HERE. All of the brand's wovens are manufactured in India on ancient wooden hand looms. And they keep reinterpreting the classic yarn-dye stripe pattern that we all will be wearing for years to come. I've noticed this brand in many boutiques I frequent and have fallen in love the concept and the designs. So excited to see a full collection in a well known department store so everyone can get a taste of it!

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Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Purple Moon


Rae Francis maxi dress
Cynthia Vincent leather sandals // SHOP HERE
Gentle Monster sunglasses

A quick throwback from Santa Monica, California. You really can't get anything better than the weather in Southern California. It still hasn't been enough to get my butt back on the west coast yet, but I'm not going to deny the fact that it might happen some day. Especially if it means pretty paisley maxi dresses on the beach will be more than just a rare occurrence. 

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Monday, May 18, 2015

Un Rêve


VEDA leather top
VEDA pants
Vintage wool beret
Topshop silk neck scarf

Long lost photos from my last trip to Paris in March. Such a wonderfully breezy trip. Even the bathroom in our little boutique hotel was chic, but far from frilly. Our mornings in Paris felt effortless. I hardly brushed my hair. Didn't over think my outfits. Hardly wore makeup. Tied some color around my neck. Wore shoes that didn't kill me. I wasn't looking to impress, I was just looking to explore and enjoy. It's too hard to compete with the French streets and architecture anyways. They overshadow everything. But they also make all your worries go away. 

I came across this quote in a French cafe during this trip:

Faire de sa vie un rêve et de ses rêves une réalité

Make one's life a dream and ones dreams a reality. Super simple and straightforward and quite cheesy as a matter of fact. I've thought about this a lot lately and whether I do really take this to heart or not. Think about this, if our dreams really did become reality, what would we have to dream of next? How will we continue to keep ourselves fulfilled and hungry and inspired to keep making progress if we have finally reached the peak of living our dreams out in reality? What do you guys think? 

I have a lot of blog readers ask me questions on how I have come to live my dream as a reality, and how they can do the same. It's very flattering to hear, and very encouraging to keep on doing what I am doing, of course. But at the same time, sometimes I have to stop and think . . . but am I really living out my dream? Am I there yet? Is what I am doing right now really dream worthy? Am I completely content with my life? These aren't negative questions at all. More like questions that help me put my life into perspective. My life in perspective to the lives of those who view my life from afar. And then my life in perspective to my life before what I am doing now and the life I might come to have after this. There will always be an endless amount of questions. 

Personally I think that a life fulfilled is one made up of consecutive fulfillments of small dreams and goals. It keeps the hunger for progress fresh as opposed to cutting it off with one huge bang. No one wakes up overnight and meets success. And if they do, then good for them, but then what is the next step to keep the growth going? I'm still growing so much and learning so much as a person, from my experiences and my interactions and the flashes of passions that I find within me and throw myself into. My cravings change every single day. I want to do this, I want to do that. I want to feel this, I want to feel that. I can't keep track sometimes, but without these heaps of inspirations that hit me on a daily basis, I wouldn't be fully happy. 

So onto the next thing. Or back tracking to the last thing I left off of. Or back to the thing that I forgot about two years, five years, ten years back and bringing it back to life today. No matter what it is, as long as it keeps you fired up and moving forward, even just a step, it's the right thing to do. Even a step backwards can in turn become 5 leaps forward. Life is too short to just settle on one big dream and leave it at that. Life is a succession of explorations that are meant to be shared. 

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