Monday, March 30, 2015

Paris Day Four // Le Marais


Vintage bomber jacket
VEDA leather top
VEDA pants
Miista boots // SHOP SIMILAR
Velvetine leather purse

Some purely good moments from our last day in Paris. We spent our last few hours strolling Le Marais, the most central park of Paris. We stumbled upon the Les Colonnes De Buren in the inner courtyard of the Palais Royal, which we found out later was an art installation from 1985. I love that installation kind of plays a sort of mind game when you look too hard. And I appreciate its composition of new and old. Plus, it makes for a damn good photo opp. Not gonna lie. We didn't have much time left for photos this last day in Paris (we woke up happy but hungover), so finding this gem of a shooting location just a few minutes from our hotel was just perfect. 

Saturday, March 28, 2015

A Little Bit of Velvet


Kate Spade Saturday sweatshirt
Missguided velvet dress 
Vintage Christian Dior coat
Koolaburra boots
Wildfox sunglasses

This could very be one of the last few "cold weather" outfit posts. Fingers crossed. After a week in Puerto Rico, there ain't no way I'm gonna to go back into the tundra. I love you velvet with all my heart, but how about the next time I see you is next winter. Not next week. 

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Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Paris Day Three // What Hemingway Said


 Free People turtleneck
Vintage Wrangler jeans
Gola sneakers
Velvetine purse

Photo diary from my Paris trip even though I am currently on a trip to Puerto Rico! 

“If you are lucky enough to have lived in Paris as a young man, then wherever you go for the rest of your life, it stays with you, for Paris is a moveable feast.”

- Ernest Hemingway, A Moveable Feast

I think that in a way, Hemingway was absolutely right. I've never lived in Paris, and I'm not sure that I ever will, but I know that the memories that I have made there will stick with me forever. For me the artistry that goes into the physical beauty of the city is so mind-blowing, it's impossible to not appreciate it and be marked by its existence. The curves of the architecture that have caught my breathe around every Parisian street corner will repaint themselves over and over again in my sleep at night. The narrow sidewalks that make every block seem more delicate, and that cause my steps to quicken to keep from sideswiping passerby going in the opposite direction. The consistently flat and leveled rooftops that look like a magical kingdom all of its own. That from above and afar, it feels as if you can reach out and gently lay your hand upon their surfaces and just keep it there forever. Protecting it. 

There is so much about Paris that I find myself nodding a loud yes at. And although there do exist those French people who severely dislike Americans straight off the bat, I am never one to take stereotypes seriously. We actually met some quite spectacular French human beings whom I want to steal from their country and take back to NYC with me so I can hang with them on the daily. I am paying respect to the lifestyle that includes sipping coffee and actually enjoying the smell and taste of it, as opposed to injecting ourselves with what feels like a superhuman chemical we need just for the sake to feel borderline okay with our lives. The effortless put-togetherness only the French have mastered keeps me mind boggled and totally in awe as I try to do the same as they do. Untidy hair that feels natural and sexy and nonchalant. The endless diet of bread, fruits, cheese, meat and wine. The way that "love" sounds in French and when spoken with total truth. All I can say is that I am no longer tainted by the experience of having a French man for a boss. 

I will never call you home Paris, but I sure as heck will always love the way I feel when I walk your streets, eat your food and attempt to speak your language. These photos were taken in our favorite part of the city, Montmarte. Where ex-patriots like Scott Fitzgerald and Ernest Hemingway escaped to pursue their art. How fucking romantic and brave. We walked up to the Sacre Couer, which I think is now part of our Paris tradition. This is where I envisioned the hand upon the rooftops image in my head. My mind has been in the clouds ever since. 

Saturday, March 21, 2015

One Last Hurrah For Winter


Free People dress // SHOP SIMILAR
Vintage Christian Dior coat
O'Neill beanie
Koolaburra boots // SHOP HERE
10 Crosby by Derek Lam bag // SHOP HERE
Aritzia scarf

So winter is officially over, although it still doesn't feel like it here in NYC. But spring will be here soon enough I know. But I'd like to dedicate this one last hurrah for the terrifyingly cold bubble we live in here over in this part. We will miss you when you are gone winter. Not. But still.

I didn't make it out to Central Park as much as I would have liked to this winter, but we were able to get a couple of hours of strolling the icy pathways here when my mom was in town in January. We lasted a good two hours until our feet literally couldn't be felt any longer! Central Park is literally a winter wonderland. The ice skating rink is like straight off a Christmas card. The branches are bare but look and feel totally majestic. As if they own the icy air that surrounds them, and everything else. Watching over us as we trek through the slushy crevices of its kingdom. Making sure we don't slip. Babies in parkas holding tightly onto the hands of their parents. Strollers covered in plastic to keep out the cold. The pathways more barren than usual but still lively with speckles of people taking advantage of the space. The NYC landscape of towering buildings and skyscrapers looks far more intense without the bushy leaves that usually keep Central Park cushioned in the summertime. A reminder, even in the more peaceful center of this chilled up oasis that the hustle and bustle of the city never stops. 

Despite all the times we've complained about how much we hate you winter. How much we abhor you and wish to whisk you away with a magic stick hundreds and thousands of times, we'll never forget the moments that stopped and felt quite magical because of you. They cancel everything else out. 

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